Cataract Canyon, Colorado River

Cataract Canyon delivers Utah’s biggest and most challenging rapids. Begin your trip on the calm waters of the Colorado River going through beautiful and scenic canyons. But once you reach the confluence of the Green River and the Colorado River, HANG ON. Here’s where the excitement begins as you go through Brown Betty, Mile Long, and Big Drop Rapids.

In deciding how long to spend on a Cataract Canyon trip, travelers should consider the type of vessel they would like to use, plus their trip budget (longer trips are generally more expensive). Shorter trips typically utilize motorized boats, which go much faster through the calm water, so the focus tends to be on the rapids. Motorized boats also tend to keep passengers a little more above the water than some of the other boat types do. Longer trips frequently utilize dory boats or row/oar boats. In both vessels, the guides do the rowing - which accounts for the longer time required to run the river. These trips provide the same excellent rapids as the motorized options, but have an increased focus on the surrounding natural history, scenery, and overall experience. Optional hikes may also be available on these trips.

At the end of Cataract Canyon trips, return-to-Moab options include a van shuttle or scenic flight. The cost of these options are generally not included in the trip price; be certain to inquire. Additional expenses may include camping equipment. Meals and snacks are generally included as a part of the trip cost.

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