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Ocoee River

The Ocoee River is a playground for boaters of all types. A dam controlled river, there are specific release days each year that vary in length depending on the time of season. The Ocoee offers fantastic class III-IV whitewater and endless play features across two distinct sections.

The Middle Ocoee got its commercial rafting start in 1978. Since that time it has become one of the top paddling and rafting destinations in the US. This section offers almost non-stop action, fun surf waves, numerous play holes and a plethora of deep dynamic eddy lines enjoyed by squirt boaters. A roadside run river, the Middle Ocoee has simple park and play capacity at all of it’s best features.

The Upper Ocoee has a different personality all together than the Middle. Years of being a dry riverbed caused shrubs to sprout up, making the water difficult to read at times. In 1996, a section of the river was narrowed to create an optimum slalom course for the site of the Olympic Whitewater events. As you get closer to the slalom course, the shrubs let up and the whitewater intensifies. The Olympic section is non-stop action with big holes that will gladly surf and flip those offline.