I attended Film School at Ryerson Polytechnical University in Toronto, where I also worked for a small production company that produces skiing television shows. While in Toronto, I also spent some time as an apprentice to local documentary film producers and started producing my own digital short films.
Upon returning to Montana, I began desiging websites and filming weddings while also working in the outdoor recreation industry as a guide and manager.

I also have a BA in Religious Studies from McGill University in Montreal. My studies focused on Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. I subsequently spent time in a monastery in Thailand studying Vipassana Meditation. I enjoy ceremonies and celebrations of all kind and am honored to film them. Weddings are the most common that I do, but I am also interested in documenting other ceremonies - Rituals, Birthdays, Rites of Passage, Elder Storytelling...

I am fascinated with people, spirituality, music, art, nature (especially whitewater and powder), love and life!

"In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep." --
Tipu Sultan
Tipu (pronounced tea-poo) is the name of the big cat pictured in my logo. Tipu Sultan was a General in late 18th century India. His lifetime aim was to banish the British from India. Tipu was known as the "Tiger of Mysore", not only for his feisty personality, but because he loved tigers and tiger stripe motifs.

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