"Margot didn't just record the events of the day, but she somehow captured the feeling of the whole event. We treasure our wedding movie and we watch it all the time."
-- Jennifer Morrison

Artistic     Thoughtful     Tasteful     Touching     Amusing     Beautiful   

    Magical     Poignant     Unique     Priceless

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My videography style is sensitive, elegant and fun. I have an artistic eye for visual composition, a musicians ear for quality audio and a keen eye for detail. I love capturing the magic of a wedding day with great sound and rich moving images -and crafting that footage in the editing room. I use tasteful yet poignant effects, titles and music to create a DVD or Video that you will enjoy watching and sharing forever.

Still photos are beautiful and valuable, but nothing compares to having a movie of your wedding. It is such a powerful ceremony and experience, that if you have it properly recorded, you will be able to watch it and re-experience the power and timelessness of the blessings you recieved on that day. My previous clients have loved watching their Tipu wedding video/DVD, but have also found it invaluable for sharing with loved ones who were not present at the event. Moving images and sound are powerful messengers of feeling.

Although weddings are the most common work that I do, I am interested in other life passage celebrations like Births, Birthdays, Mitzvahs and Elder Storytelling.

Please contact me for a personal consultation and let's make sure you get the most amazing day of your life captured professionally!

                    Pictures are great, but video is better.